Krivokapic promised to schedule session on his dismissal “very soon”

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At yesterday’s session, the Parliament Speaker’s Collegium did not set a date of the Parliament’s session at which Ranko Krivokapic’s dismissal would be discussed, Pobjeda daily newspaper carried.

Instead of the date, the Parliament Speaker Ranko Krivokapic has promised to the surprised Colelgium’s members that the session would be scheduled “very soon”, without mentioning a specific date. Krivokapic previously promised that the date of the session would be known this week.

This information was confirmed by MP for the Positive Montenegro Azra Jasavic.

According to Jasavic, at the Collegium’s session, which was held before the prime minister’s question time, Krivokapic said that after the Parliament session dedicated to MPs’ questions to the government’s members, a new Collegium’s session would be held “very soon” and that the date of the Parliament session at which his dismissal would be discussed would be set.

At the insistence of DPS and PCG caucuses on setting the exact date, Krivokapic said that he was not able to do that before the end of the question time in the Parliament.

“Krivokapic was clearly warned that he abuses the Rules of Procedure”, Jasavic explained adding that “the outgoing Speaker of the Parliament ignored all requests”.

According to the information obtained by Pobjeda, the question time in the Parliament will last at least three or four working days due to the fact that there are more than 20 MPs’ questions for ministers, the majority of which was submitted in the past 48 hours.

Almost each MP of the caucuses of SNP, SDP and the newly formed Alternativa caucus submitted two questions for the ministries, thus buying extra time for Krivokapic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro