Krivokapic pushes debate on his dismissal until May?

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The session of the Parliament on which the dismissal of Ranko Krivokapic is to be discussed, hasn’t yet been scheduled. It also remains unknown when the session of the Collegium of the President of the Parliament will be held, because this body schedules the date for the session. This is what head of the parliamentary group of Positive Montenegro, Goran Tuponja, stated for Pobjeda daily.

At the last session of the Collegium, held on April 4th, Krivokapic offered to schedule the session on April 19, but only if the Agreement on free and fair elections is signed before April 9th.

Krivokapic suggested that in this case, the first item on the agenda is the adoption of lex specialis, the second – election of the Government, and third, dismissal of the President of the Assembly. The proposal was not accepted because DPS, Positive Montenegro and the club of minority parties explicitly opposed the ultimatum.

Daily’s source added Krivokapic then promised he would schedule another session of the Collegium (even in the case the Agreement is not signed), in order to determine the date for the regular session of the Parliament which would discuss items other than his dismissal.however, DPS deputies withdrew these items from the agenda.

“Obviously, this promise was not fulfilled. Instead, Krivokapic has bought more time because, according to the Rules of Procedure, a session following an initiative cannot be held in less than 15 days”, the source told Pobjeda.

This actually means that, unless tere are changes in the meantime, Krivokapic’s dismissal can theoretically be discussed only at the beginning of May. A majority of 41 MPs has already been secured to dismiss the head of the Parliament, as soon as he allows the session.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro