Krivokapic removed, a new government chosen

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Randy Krivokapic was removed from the position of President of the Parliament early in the morning. 43 deputies voted for Krivokapic’s removal, one was against, while there were 18 invalid votes. Lex specialis was adopted, and members of the new government of the electoral confidence were elected.

Although DF MP s took voting lists and went to the voting booths, NOVA leader Andrija Mandic said that none of NOVA members vote for the removal of Krivokapic.

All DPS, DF and SNP MP s, except Snezana Jonica who was absent voted. Positive MP s also voted, although they did not participate in the debate. The MP s of the SDP, and Demos MP Nik Djeljosaj did not vote.

Parliament will be chaired by the Deputy Speaker Milutin Simovic, from the DPS, until the election of a new president.

MPs adopted the Law on the creation of conditions for fair and free elections, the so-called lex specialis.

49 deputies voted for the lex specialis, 20 were against and 6 abstentions. Petar Ivanovic was elected Deputy Prime Minister, as well as a nonparty person Miodrag Vujovic on the proposal by SDP, GP URA and Demos.

Milenko Popovic was elected Minister of Agriculture, Rasko Konjevic Minister of Finance, Goran Danilovic Internal Affairs, Boris Maric Labour and Social Welfare.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro