Krivokapic: SDP will not form a coalition with this DPS

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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) will not form coalition with this Democratic party of Socialists (DPS), SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic said.

However, he said that there were members with untarnished reputation in DPS, thus leaving a possibility for a coalition.

According to SDP, URA and Demos, the opposition deputy prime minister Milorad Vujovic should be acting minister of agriculture.

The “troika” discussed a potential candidate at today’s meeting, Krivokapic said appearing on the RTCG TV show Akcenti.

“I know there is an untarnished part of DPS. The part that has nothing to do with organised crime, the part that has not taken tens of millions of euro, the part that has believed in DPS’s programme, which was common to ours when it comes to NATO and EU integration. DPS will experience a catharsis and get rid of those members who need to go to court, but not before the elections”, said Krivokapic.

He did not reveal the name of the new agriculture minister.

Asked whether the “troika” has a candidate for the ministerial post, Krivokapic said that the three parties held regular consultations.

“As you know, when electing the interim government, I announced that there would be consultations within the top of the “troika” twice a week. We have consultations on Mondays and Wednesdays. Today we will discuss the issue in order to try to come up with a quick solution. But the deputy prime minister Vujovic can perform those duties for a few days or a week without any problems”, said Krivokapic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro