Krivokapić: The Agreement is broken

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The Agreement on free and fair elections has been broken, and the opposition three must find a way to punish the Prime Minister by leaving the Government, said leader of SDP, Ranko Krivokapić.

Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said yesterday that he is not concerned by the announcements of opposition three that he will be at fault if they leave the Government over dispute with contract with A2A.

He said that the Government must not allow that its important decision be paralyzed. He said that this matter does not require a consensus in the Government of electoral trust.

Krivokapić said that Đukanović deceived SDP, Demos and URA, as well as international community who has helped write the Agreement. Breaking it will have consequences for the Prime Minister and the state.

„The Agreement has been broken because the Prime Minister wants to avoid control. We must find a way to leave the Government and punish the Prime Minister for breaking the Agreement”, Krivokapić said during his visit to Bijelo Polje, RTCG reports.

He said that in 2009, SDP fought against the option that would have the state sell EPCG and be left without it.

„Back then, SDP made a condition to DPS to protect state interests and open the possibility of the state buying the shares later. Unfortunately, today as in 2009, they are trying to sell EPCG again. This is detrimental for the state, as is failing to respect the Agreement“, Krivokapić said.

He invited the Prime Minister to re-read the Agreement he signed.

Krivokapić would not want to see Prime Minister’s signature be taken lightly.

„I am personally interested in seeing Montenegro have a Prime Minister whose signature would mean something. It is clear that our agreement states that important decision must have a consensus. If what they claim in the Government is true, of which we have serious doubts, SDP, URA and Demos will sign the contract that enables EPCG to be returned to the state for the amount of 250 million EUR in seven rates. Unfortunately, that is only a veil over citizens’ eyes, while they are preparing to sell EPCG to someone else, destroying the contract that protects us and creating a new one that denies everything good done in 2009”, leader of SDP said.

Back in 2009, DPS backed down, and state interests were protected.

He wondered what would have happened if EPCG went into the hands of foreigners and we were in a situation to buy electricity from foreign sources.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro