Krivokapic: There is only one list of the parties that were negotiating

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President of Socialdemocratic party (SDP) Ranko Krivokapic said that there’s only one opposition list with proposals for ministers in the government of the election trust and said that the wish of SDP, URA and DEMOS is that the Socialistic people’s party is involved in the government too.

„Prime minister will, by using his constitutional right, make the decision. There is only one list of the opposition, the one that negotiated with him since the 1st of December. These three parties are a guarantee of seriousness that the agreement will be functional. Our wish is that SNP becomes part of the government too”, said Krivokapic.

He said that the list was agreed upon and sent.

„That is the unified list of the opposition that signed the agreement. I expect that the prime minister will respect this fact and sign the proposal during the weekend, so that we can start the parliament meeting on Monday”, said Krivokapic to reporters in Budva.

That list is, as he said, very clear. “There is one empty spot, and we can easily fill it in if the SNP doesn’t accept the position that was left for them. We left that spot open wishing for SNP to join the government too.”

According to Krivokapic, there’s only one list.

„That will be the list with four candidates for the vice prime minister, ministers of internal affairs, finance, and labor and social welfare. That is a unified list”, he added.

Krivokapic said that if the prime minister tries to change that, they will not be a part of the deal. “And we will abandon the agreement because for now we’re the only ones who signed it”.

He said that there haven’t been any discussions with SNP in recent days, but that there have been some with DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro