Krivokapic: This is the worst lineup of the parliament, new president unnecessary before elections

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For the first time since he was revoked from the position pf the president of the Parliament of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapic said that he wasn’t surprised by voting results because it was only a repeated voting from January when the parliament voted on the trust in the government.

“The blow was made then and political corruption introduced. Nothing new happened this time”, he said.

He added that he’s leaving the parliament in much better shape than the one he had found it in when he became the president 13 years ago.

“In essence, the institution is stronger, but this now is the worst lineup. Corruption is happening ever since the prime minister declared war on parliamentary dictatorship. He won thanks to political corruption. This is not a victory that can should be celebrated”, he said.

Journalists were also curious about his thoughts on media reports that he will be succeeded by someone from Pozitivna.

“Being the president of the parliament shouldn’t happen as a product of corruption. There are only two months left of the active work in parliament and I think that current state with acting president should be kept because it’s unnecessary to choose the president for only two months. That process would be trivial. President of the parliament should be a consequence of the will of people. I think that colleague Simovic can do the job decently”, said Krivokapic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro