Krivokapic: Those who have supported the Government cannot be part of the opposition

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People from Positive Montenegro will not be part of the opposition’s list of candidates for ministers and heads of state-owned enterprises to be sent to the Prime Minister after the signing of the Agreement on free and fair elections, said the President of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, at a press conference after the Prime Minister’s Hour.

Krivokapić reminded that the Positive party voted to support the executive branch when SDP left it.

“Those who have supported the Government cannot be part of the opposition. We now have something that does not happen in serious democracies. This is a shattered government”, said Krivokapic.

Earlier today, the leader of Positive Montenegro, Darko Pajović, said the party has signed the Agreement and will be part of the government.

A list of about 200 names could be sent to Djukanovic tomorrow, when Krivokapic expects the session of the Collegium of the President of the Assembly to happen.

After he received the document back from the Prime Minister, he will schedule a session for next week.

“SDP will not allow the blockade of the Agreement. If SDP is the problem, we will not take part in the government, but in depth. SDP gave priority to everyone, including the SNP, which has not signed the Agreement”, he said.

He added that parliamentary dialogue continues and that sessions will be chaired by rotating representatives of the government and the opposition.

Krivokapic said he expects this body to make sure the Agreement does not remain a dead letter.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro