Krivokapic wants to be Deputy Prime Minister

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It is now certain that Agreement between DPS and part of the opposition on the creation of conditions for free and fair elections will happen, and it means that opposition will enter the government and certain state institutions. What is uncertain, however, is how the opposition will share this very large piece of the power pie among themselves, writes daily newspaper Dnevne Novine.

Officially, the opposition claims they haven’t discussed personnel issues.

Unofficially, this is all the opposition ranks have been talking about, and expectations are high. According to unofficial information given to DN by multiple sources, the current Speaker of the Parliament, Ranko Krivokapic, expects to be elected Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Milo Djukanovic.

This desire is based on several grounds. The first is that by entering the government, Krivokapic’s mandate as MP stops, which makes the discussion on the confidence in the Assembly needles. This means he would not be dismissed, but because he is moving to a different position, he would simply resign.

The second ground is that he is using the energy of URA, which clearly stated they do not want positions in the government, but rather in certain state institutions. This gives him room to negotiate with Zarko Rakčević and even Miodrag Lekic, who both want the post of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

However, not everything will go smoothly, because Krivokapic is not consulting with SNP, the strongest opposition party participant in the dialogue.

“Not only do we have the most MPs, we also have the best personnel. SNP is a party with developed infrastructure that has the skills and opportunities to participate in the government of electoral confidence at full capacity. Therefore, the distribution of these places should start from us”, said for DN a functionary of the party who did not want his name mentioned.

The party said it will not act destructively and will do everything to make the Agreement happen, but when asked whether they too expect that the party receives the post of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, party leader Srdjan Milic said they want much, much more.

Whispers say Krivokapic’s SDP can hope to get the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, or, possibly, the Ministry of Agriculture.

DF will protest against Ministers from opposition ranks

According to findings of Dnevne Novine daily, Democratic Front (DF) has already developed tactics for future action focused against not only the government but this time, also against opposition parties entering the government. It is planned that, on the day of the first session of the Government with ministers from opposition parties, a protest will be organized. They also plan a series of performances, and extensive researcher into property records of opposition leaders signatories to the Agreement.

“We will inform the public about earnings of some opposition leaders, primarily Miodrag Lekic”, DN was told by a source from the DF who wished to remain anonymous.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro