Krivokapic wants to save himself the humiliation

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Commenting on the fact that the Collegium of the President of the Assembly once again failed to schedule the session of Parliament to discuss the dismissal of Speaker Ranko Krivokapic, political analyst Zlatko Vujovic says Montenegrin citizens are witnesses of the struggle over the merits for the success of the negotiations, and Krivokapic’s efforts to remain president of the Assembly.

“Krivokapic is aware that his survival as president of the Assembly is unsustainable, and is therefore looking for ways to withdraw, without it being credited as the success of DPS. At the same time, DPS is being spiteful, chasing Krivokapic”, said Vujovic.

He adds it is evident that Krivokapic was under pressure:

“But he won’t accept that the dismissal humiliates him. He is trying to reduce the maneuver of DPS, partly by putting them in a situation where it seems that political revenge is more important to them than the success of negotiations. All this collision between DPS and SDP became moot. The citizens have become hostages their senseless politics. The price of failure would be too expensive for both DPS and SDP, which is why it is necessary to free the citizens of the burden of such an irresponsible attitude”, said Vujovic.

He believes that if negotiations fail because of Ranko Krivokapic, the leader of the SDP might be rejected by the international community.

“It seems that from this stalling, URA gains the most, although DEMOS has a chance at great benefits as well. The biggest losers from the adoption of the Agreement are those who are now on the margins of all political events, by their own choice to not be part of the negotiations. DPS would be just fine with all the postponing, if there were no pressure from the international community. DPS stalling would lead to the Macedonian scenario. Stalling of SDP leads to the international partners seeing the party as a problem, rather than part of the solution.. URA and DEMOS positioned themselves as constructive participants, and this behavior causes a clear sympathy among international partners.. But because they both care about international opinions, SPD and DPS will eventually make the Agreement happen. If the negotiations fail again, the opposition will ask for the withdrawal of Djukanovic as prime minister, which introduces us to the Macedonian scenario. This is not something that DPS wants”, said Vujovic, adding that Krivokapic stands to lose the most, because he is in danger of being rejected by the international community, should he sabotage the negotiations.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro