Krivokapic wants to sign the Agreement first, and then talk about his dismissal – DPS protests

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Collegium of the President of the Assembly still hasn’t decided when to schedule the session to discuss dismissal of its president, Ranko Krivokapic. In case MPs sign the Agreement ‘for free and fair elections’ this week, the session in question could be scheduled for April 19, said SDP deputy Rasko Konjevic. DPS deputy Milutin Simovic, said this is unacceptable.

Representatives of Demos, URA and SDP said they will give their final decision on the Agreement until April 9.

Krivokapic has accepted that, if the Agreement is signed this week, the session will be scheduled for April 19.

Konjević did not wish to tell reporters after the meeting of the Collegium whether the departure of director of RTCG, Radojka Rutović, is a condition for signing the agreement.

DPS MP Milutin Simovic said the session of the Collegium was anything but a session.

“It was turned into a round table for discussing hearsay. I was left confused about who was transmitting whose message. At the end, I concluded it was about the new ideas of Krivokapic.. The name of his game is The Struggle to Remain the President of the Parliament”, said Simovic, stressing that DPS is concerned because this game undermines the Agreement.

Simovic added lex specialis the opposition is talking about is not a problem. He said the problem is Krivokapic’s insistence on avoiding the session at which he will be relieved of his duties as Speaker of Parliament.

Simovic said Krivokapic has been escaping the issue from February when the MPs said they wish to discuss his dismissal, and that using procedural option available to him is not problematic.

“It is, however, problematic, that certain ‘gymnastics’, which are written nowhere, are being exercised here”, said Simovic adding that DPS does not mind having the session on April 19. They do, however, mind, stressed Simoivc, being subject to ultimatum.

“We just find it unacceptable that someone who has the least political mandate, political rights, is inventing these ultimatums. We want this Agreement and we have invested a lot into it. And when this Agreement happens, we do not wish to see more political blackmail, ultimatums and dictates – although I remind you that on this session, the matter of Krivokapic’s dismissal is still the last on the list. So why doesn’t this president just resign, and aid the signing of the Agreement? It would speed things up, if the Agreement is really what he is after. Wouldn’t this be optimal? Isn’t this what the public expects anyway?”, said Simovic.


When asked whether he belieces the resignation of Radojka Rutović is the condition for signing the Agreement, Simovic said ironically:

“Well as you can see, their proposals are all like this: condition – resignation, ultimatum – resignation. Everyone in this country would have to resign, except for this one man!”, he said.

Deputy of URA, Dritan Abazovic, said that after this session of the Collegium that the only remaining issue before signing of the Agreement are resignations in RTCG. When that happens, Krivokapic’s dismissal will be discussed on April 19.

“I don’t understand why DPS does not just accept this. We think this is fine”, said Abazović.

Proposal for dismissal of Krivokapic was filed by 36 MPs of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Bosniak Party, the Liberal Party, Forca and the Croatian Civil Initiative.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro