Kukan: Montenegro is the only country that negotiate steadily

Montenegro is the only country in the region which is steadily working in the process of accession to the European Union (EU), said the head of the delegation of the European Parliament for Serbia, Eduard Kukan, stating that it is a leader in European integration.

‘’However, there are still issues that need to be addressed such as a track record of the rule of law, media freedom and freedom of expression, an improved parliamentary environment and making sure there are clear lines between the state and the ruling party. Montenegro should be credited with playing a very constructive regional role and fully aligning with EU’s foreign policy.’’ Kukan said in an interview with the portal European Western Balkans.

“Montenegro is the only country in the region which is steadily negotiating EU accession and and with almost 20 chapters opened, a clear leader in this process.” said Kukan.

According to him, that also means that it has the responsibility to keep up the good work and assist other neighbours on their accession path.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro