Kukan: Montenegro justifies expansion

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Implemented reforms and efforts put in the negotiation process give arguments to continue expansion process. Montenegro’s success will push others in Balkan to succeed. EU will reward Montenegro’s efforts, said President of EU Parliament Eduard Kukan.

Former Slovak Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ambassador of Slovakia to US said that Montenegro is the leader in regional integration.

During the meeting of friendship between EU Parliament and Montenegro, he said that there should be no attention paid to the stories that EU is tired of expansion.

“It is good to have a lot of friends, and Montenegro has many in the EU Parliament. Friends can help a lot and we can all reach our goal together. Montenegro in EU Parliament has big support. We had a chance to hear what my colleagues speak of Montenegro and it is very positive. This friendship group is formed with a wish to help Montenegro reach its full goal, membership in EU. Montenegro must continue on its road to reforms and give strong arguments to EU for expansion. Forget voices from EU that claim there is fatigue. No fatigue for either EU or Montenegro. Everyone must do their jobs. When we have dedicated members like Montenegro, expansion lives”, Kukan said.

He sees Western Balkan as a more serious region today, with a clear future in EU.

“There are still a lot of unsolved issues and problems that are preventing some countries from reaching their full potential and I hope there will be enough courage and political leadership to overcome this”, he said.

According to him, there is a responsibility to carry on the good work and help other neighbors on their paths.

“Montenegro should be constructive in the region, because its foreign policies are in accordance with EU policies”, Kukan concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro