Kukan: Russia wants influence on Balkans, follow EU rules

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The top priority of new Montenegrin government should be to continue reforms needed for EU and NATO integration, believes MP in European Parliament Eduard Kukan, adding that the new structure lead by Duško Marković will have all the conditions to keep up the good results. He also said Russia is attempting to influence Western Balkans.

Speaking to Pobjeda daily, Kukan said that the current situation in the country requires the new government to work hard and focus on EU expectations.

“I expect the new government to continue the process of reforms. Full NATO membership is very important, and needs to be a priority. I personally believe new Prime Minister Duško Marković will make it so. He was very successful in his job so far, so I believe that the new government has all the conditions needed to create good results”, Kukan said.

He also discussed Russia’s influence on Montenegro. He said our country needs to follow EU guidelines in this case.

“Russia is attempting to influence the events on Western Balkans. There are a lot of investments in Montenegro and a strong economic cooperation. I believe it is important for Montenegro to continue following EU rules. It is not a problem to have good relationship with Russia. But you need to follow EU rules and deal with issues in accordance with EU attitudes”, Kukan said for Pobjeda.

Investigation on terrorist attack to be concluded as soon as possible

Eduard Kukan said that Montenegro needs to investigate the case of attempted terrorist attack as soon as possible.

“The sooner this problem is solved objectively, the better for the state. There are certain damaging speculations in play, and Prosecution must cooperate with Serbia in order to resolve all doubts”, Kukan said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro