Kuljaca left Montenegro for treatment

Witness collaborator in the latest Budva affair for the shady construction of Jaz plateau and TQ Plaza, Rajko Kuljača, got the approval of the Special Prosecutor’s Office to leave the country and go abroad to be treated for his medical condition for an indefinite period of time, learned Dnevne Novine.

The information has been confirmed by the Special Prosecutor’s Office, which announced that Kuljaca informed them “about the time and place of treatment abroad”.

Kuljaca asked to be questioned in the Special Prosecutor’s Office as soon as possible due to his already planned treatment abroad, just a day after the arrest, on August 14th.

Precisely because of this unexplained urgency, lawyers of other accused officials in this affair were not present during the hearing, on which occasion Kuljaca struck a deal with the Special Prosecutor to become the witness collaborator. On this occasion, as previously claimed by lawyers of other suspects, Kuljaca did not provide any medical documentation to prove he needs to be treated abroad. Whether he did this in the meantime is not known.

It is interesting that at the same time, his best man Branisalav Gugi Savic, the owner of “Gugi commerce” company, which was working on the disputed plateau at Jaz, is also being treated abroad in a neighboring country. Apparently Savic had a traffic accident a month ago, and due to the injuries sustained he is still hospitalized. Because of this, the Special Prosecutor has not examined Savic in this procedure yet.

Former and current officials of Budva, 13 of them, are suspected of damaging the budget of the Municipality of Budva for about 10 million euros by abuse of official position through two legal jobs with firms “Gugi commerce” and ” Trade Junik”, during the construction of TQ Plaza and Jaz plateau from 2006 to 2010.

Now former president of Budva municipality Lazar Radjenovic, Dragan Marovic, Aleksandar Ticic, Novak Klisic, Miodrag Samardzic and Milenko Medigovic are in custody, while Milena Marovic-Bogdanovic, Dragica Popovic, Snezana Scepanovic, Milojka Kovacevic and Danijela Marotic are released because the prosecutor did not seek custody for them.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro