Ladies want power: Montenegrin society is male-centric

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CdM continues to talk to women running on party lists for the forthcoming parliamentary elections on October 16. We asked them about the position of Montenegrin women in politics, and what they perceives as the biggest obstacles for women in general.

Today, CdM gives you the answer of Zorica Martinovic, candidate for Positive Montenegro.

Her view is that the Montenegrin society is traditional and male-centric, with gender inequality being one of the biggest problems faced by women.

“If we want to introduce Montenegro into the European family, and we do want it to be a modern, postmodern society, we obviously need to make significant progress in the area of gender equality”, Mrs. Martinovic said for CdM.

Positive Montenegro believes just raising awareness on gender sensitivity is not enough, and that, following the example of Scandinavian countries, quotas must be introduced in all areas of social life, at all levels.

“This model has proven highly successful in Scandinavia and in the long run, it will have a tremendous positive impact on future generations”, she said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro