Ladies want power: Montenegrin women have been on the sidelines for too long

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In the light of the parliamentary elections on October 16th, CdM focuses on the role of women in politics. We asked ladies competing on electoral lists about the main problem of girls and women in Montenegro. In this article, read the answer of DPS candidate Maja Bakrac.

Ambitions of Montenegrin women have been long hampered, because our women were only mothers, sisters and housewives with no right to an opinion. We need to strengthen the position of partners, because the quality, and not gender, should be your recommendation for promotion.

“In Montenegro, as a traditional society, it was implied that decision-making is for men, as stronger, more respected members of the society”, added Bakrač.

She, however, says she feels envouraged by the fact that the women are finally coming out of the traditional constraints, becoming aware of their potential and opportunities and thus contributing to be recognized as useful members of the society.

“Women can make a significant contribution through active participation in the processes of social and political decision-making, which is of undoubted importance, not only for women but also for the emancipation of our society in general. We should strive towards greater participation of women in these positions. It is necessary to work to strengthen the partners’ positions, so that men and women have the same chances in the expression of their potential, and strive to quality”, she said.

She believes the government needs to support women to “dare” to have their own businesses.

“Women need more favorable loans.. They need a little bit of help to recognize their place in the society and be persistent in achieving their goals”, concluded Bakrač.

Read tomorrow about what the candidate of the “KEY” coalition, Anka Vukićević, had to say on the matter.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro