Lajcak: A very successful decade in the history of Montenegro

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Montenegro has fulfilled all that it could, in the past ten years. To be honest, where Montenegro is now, we could only dream of ten years ago. This decade will be remembered as very successful in the history of Montenegro, said in an interview with Pobjeda daily the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia, Miroslav Lajcak.

Former Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, High Representative for BiH, the first man on EU relations with Russia, Balkans and the Eastern neighborhood, and the EU envoy for the referendum on Montenegrin independence, Lajcak explained that everyone in Montenegro has absolutely every right to be proud of the country’s achievements in the celebration of the tenth anniversary of independence.

“Your country has to find its place in the system of international relations, it has become a member of practically all international organizations, made key steps towards membership in the European Union and received a NATO invitation. This success cannot be denied”, noted Lajcak.

He added ten years is not a lot in the history of a country, but considering all that has been done, Lajcak stressed Montenegro used this past decade in the best manner possible.

In his opinion, NATO ratification will go smoothly. He did, however, stress that this is a process and that it takes time, but emphasized that becoming a full member will be a true victory for Montenegro.

Slovak Foreign Minister stressed a lot of time has passed since the last enlargement, and that a call to Montenegro is a great encouragement for countries that want to become members. It is often mentioned in Brussels circles that the accession of Montenegro restored confidence in the enlargement process.

“With this decision, the Alliance has demonstrated that the process is alive and thus mobilized other countries. What is very important is that Montenegro showed as a country, with its behavior, that it shares the same values ​​on which the EU and NATO rest. Everyone in the Alliance and the European Union knows who is who. It’s easy to be a friend in good times, it is much harder to show that you are a true friend, and to make decisions in difficult times, which have negative consequences. Montenegro has shown this clearly, and it is worth more than any technical condition. Alliance members did not forget this. Montenegro knows what to do and the most important thing is to continue on the path of reforms”, said Lajcak.

He added Slovakia will continue to strongly support Montenegro on its path through integration, through a wide range of specific activities in NATO and EU assistance in reforms, especially in the case of agenda commitments in the immediate period.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro