Lajčak: Montenegro is practically NATO, no obstacles to ratification

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There are no obstacles when it comes to the ratification of Accession Protocol, said Miroslav Lajčak, Chief of Slovakian diplomacy. He said Montenegro is considered a member.

Ever since the Accession Protocol was signed in May, member states started a process of ratification. Iceland was the first, then Slovenia, Hungary and Slovakia.

Miroslav Lajčak spoke to Radio Antena M, and said that he believes there are no obstacles to ratification.

“I am now aware of them. I would not waste time speculating. I think every member state has an obligation to ratify the Protocol. It can take a while because every parliament has its schedule”, he said.

Lajčak said that Montenegro was practically a member the day it signed the Accession Protocol.

“There are not a lot of people who would have guessed such developments for Montenegro ten years ago. Now Montenegro is the closest to EU and NATO”, Lajčak said.

“There is still a lot of work to be done. One chapter has been successfully closed. Now EU can follow. Your leaders can take you there”, he believes.

NATO sent a message in the region by inviting Montenegro.

“If the countries of the region do their part of the job, the Alliance will as well. I hope Montenegro serves as an inspiration”, he explained.

Lajčak believes that Montenegro, member of NATO, will be a stabilizing factor in Western Balkan.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro