Lalicic: Without significant problems in applying electronic identification

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On Tivat elections there weren’t any significant problems in application of devices for electronic identification of voters, said the president of the City election comission (OIK), Jovanka Lalicic.

She said that the elections in Tivat on which the electronic identification of voters was applied for the first time were completely in accordance with the law.

„Presidents and deputies who were using the devices showed good knowledge after the training so there were no problems and we can say that the whole election process went without significant problems”, said Lalicic to agency MINA.

Lalicic said that general impression of all of the members of election boards is that electronic identification sped up the procedure of voting.

According to Lalicic, they still didn’t receive a single official complaint regarding the elections.

She added that they only received one objection from a voter who feels that this election law is not good and that people shouldn’t vote for parties but for individuals.

„But that is not in OIK’s jurisdiction and he was given a notice which he has a right to file a complaint on”, added Lalicic.

She said that they’re satisfied by the turnout and behavior of the voters, as well as by work of all the subjects that were involved in political process.

Lalicic announced that temporary results will be published today, and after the deadline for complaints expires, final results of the elections will be published too.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro