Landslide has moved for another 10 meters

The landslide on the highway Cetinje-Budva moved for another ten meters, said Head of the Emergency and Rescue of Budva, Zdravko Sljukic and warned that the ground is still active.

On the main road Cetinje-Budva, in the village Markovici, asphalt cracked and the road collapsed for several dozen meters on Saturday, and Sljukic says the ground is still moving.

“Compared to yesterday, the soil moved towards village Mazici for some 10m today. It collapsed in depth”, said Sljukic for Mina agency.

He said that the rescue teams are on the field visiting the village.

“One (of the houses) is for now completely safe, yesterday we found that the soil cracked around the other one, and the public has been informed earlier regarding the one that already went down the landslide”, he said.

Asked to assess when a reconstruction could start, he said that at the moment nothing can be predicted or known, because the landslide is active.

A spokeswoman for the Municipality of Budva Tijana Kotarac confirmed that the meeting of the Crisis Staff should start at 3pm. According to her, the meeting will be attended by twenty representatives of the relevant municipal services.

“The topic of the meeting will be overcoming of the current situation”, said Kotarac.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro