Largest daily wages for official trips to Russia and Singapore

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The latest Government session saw the passing of a Directive for reimbursement of expenses for employees in public sector. Work expenses are defined as follows: wages for official trips in country and abroad; using of private cars in official capacities; living away from family and field work.

In cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU integration, wages are accounted as 35% of EU wages and adjusted to the average wages of UN, Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily reports.

What is interesting is that the amount of suggested wages is larger than it used to be. For example, a daily wage for an official trip to Albania used to be 32 EUR, and has now increased to 63 EUR. Official trip to Switzerland used to bring a daily wage of 88 EUR, while now it will be 126,35 EUR.

Directive entails wages for 134 countries, and the largest wage is for traveling to Russia. It used to be 95 EUR, and has risen to 143,50 EUR. The smallest wage is for traveling to Bangladesh. It used to be 25 EUR, and has risen to 36,05 EUR.

When it comes to countries of former Yugoslavia, the largest wage is for traveling to Croatia and Slovenia, in the amount of 63 EUR. For a business day in Serbia or BiH, the wage is 55,3 EUR and 50,75 EUR. Daily wage for Macedonia decreased from 65 EUR to 56 EUR.

Directive defines that an employee using his private car officially should get a reimbursement of 25% of gas price per liter per kilometer.

Employee that is separated from his family will get a reimbursement of 110 EUR a month.

“If the employee has accommodation or food expenses covered, he will get 70% of reimbursement. For work done on the field, longer than 15 consecutive days, the employee will receive 10 EUR a day”, Directive reads.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro