Latvia ratified the Protocol

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Protocol on Montenegrin accession to NATO was unanimously ratified by the Latvian Parliament this morning.

There were 79 ayes , 0 nays and 0 abstentions.

On behalf of the Committee of Foreign Policy Richard Coles has explained the proposal and stressed the importance of Montenegro’s accession to the Alliance. Ratification was attended by the Speaker of Montenegrin Parliament Darko Pajovic, who then met with the Speaker of the Latvian Parliament, Inara Murniece.

Pajovic have expressed satisfaction with the speed of ratification of protocols by the parliaments of the Member States, in which he sees the confirmation of probity of the Euro-Atlantic road of our country.

The protocol was ratified by Romania two days ago, and previously it was done by Iceland, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Albania, Poland and Turkey.

Hungarian Ambassador to Montenegro Krisztian Posa said last week that in October, the Protocol of Montenegro with NATO would be ratified by Lithuania, Estonia, and there are signs that the United Kingdom would do the same.

He added that during autumn it would be on the agenda in Luxembourg and in France, expressing his expectation that Croatia would do it after formation of the new government.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro