Launching milk processing in Nika dairy possible

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Deputy Prime Minister Petar Ivanovic met representatives of the Niksic-based F.M.L. company on Wednesday in order to discuss the modalities of starting milk processing at the Nika dairy. During the meeting, they analysed options for purchasing the plant and equipment, starting production, introducing new technological lines and gradually increasing product range.

The F.M.L. representatives pointed out that the existing infrastructure in the dairy could be a good basis to initiate processing, but also that a significant investment in facilities, equipment and standards was necessary to make good products.

They also pointed out that there was the possibility to export a part of the produced goods, whereas the part would be sold in Montenegro through retail chains and tourist facilities.

Ivanovic expressed his willingness to help in the investment implementation, starting the production faster, the opening of sustainable jobs and connecting with subcontractors, ie primary agricultural producers.

“The investors’ interest is a result of the government’s efforts to help launching production after having solved the problem of debts to former workers and thereby to create conditions for the reimbursement of most of the debts to subcontractors, as well as for redeeming milk from local farmers. I believe it would be a great success, both because of the great reputation the Nika dairy used to have and because of the future development of agriculture in Niksic region and surrounding municipalities”, Ivanovic said.

The possibilities for future financial support to this investment through the ongoing projects and models of support to the development of agribusiness in Montenegro were also discussed at the meeting.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro