Lavrov shortly in Montenegro: A trip without politics, kid goat meat and octopus on the menu

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Minister of foreign affairs of Russia Sergei Lavrov landed on Tivat airport on Tuesday afternoon on a private plane, and will be in Montenegro until Wednesday night. He met in Tivat with his Russian friends with whom he continued socializing on a luxury yacht “Anedigmi”, while cruising around Boka bay.

According to Pobjeda’s information, Sergei Lavrov visited privately, and Montenegrin authorities with regard to the importance of the guest provided all the neccessary security measures during the two days of his stay and no information regarding the visit could be obtained from state protocol.

Although there are is official information, it is evident that the minister of foreign affairs hadn’t met with Montenegrin officials, nor with representatives of local Russia affiliated parties.

Yacht ,,Anedigmi“ cruised around Boka bay on Tuesday night, and then it acnhored in Ljuta. This type of yacht is common in Montenegrin waters, not only in Porto Montenegro, but in waters around Budva and Sveti Stefan too.

That these are some wealthy people testifies the fact that the minister was welcomed on a yacht Wellesley which is sailing under Malta’s flag, and whose weekly rent is 220.000 euros.

From the restaurant ,,Stari Mlini“ a special dinner was ordered, consisting of kid goat meet and octopus which was delivered to the yacht by a boat.

After a short politics free trip, Sergei Lavrov left Montenegro yesterday and went to Slovenia, where he will be part of the Russian delegation on Saturday along with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro