Law on “Swiss francs” adopted

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The Parliament today unanimously adopted amendments to the Law on the conversion of loans in Swiss francs (CHF) into euros, which was submitted by a group of MPs.

All 78 MPs voted for the law.

The law allows all citizens who have loans from the factoring company Heta or were paid off ahead of time to convert their loans at an interest rate of 8.2 percent per year.

Draft amendments to the Law was submitted by the Democratic Front (DF) MP Nebojsa Medojevic on behalf of the 39 delegates.

The agreement was reached after Medojevic accepted corrected amendments of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

An integral part of the law has become a corrected amendment of the DPS MPs referring to the fact that customers are not calculated the default interest.

President of the Assembly Darko Pajovic said that this resolved the dilemma that appeared at the meeting held last week when adopted amendment was originally submitted and that included charging interest on arrears to customers with the rest of the debt.

Medojevic had also disputed amendment of DPS, by which the company Heta charges interest at an annual level of 8.2 percent.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro