Lawful removal from the electoral roll

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Linking the efforts of the Ministry of Interior (MUP) to delete irregularities in the electoral roll with “political calculations” and “propaganda” is another attempt to obstruct the electoral process, this time political director of DPS Tarzan Milosevic is in charge of that, the Ministry of Interior announced.

Following a decision of the Minister Goran Danilovic to delete from the electoral roll more than a thousand and two hundred persons who reside in Montenegro less than two years, Milosevic said that the electoral roll must not be a training ground for political confrontation and propaganda.

In response MUP said that if the DPS cannot or will not help to bring the voters’ lists to a state that guarantees minimum conditions for holding fair and free elections, than it should not hinder.

“Especially as the MUP in the past two and a half months were correcting what had been the subject of abuse for twenty five years, which escalated ahead previous elections, especially referendum. MUP calls DPS and all other parties that as free citizens, NGOs, professional media, give their full contribution to 16 October, and for the first time in the history of Montenegrin parliamentarism vote only those citizens who really have a right to, ” it is said in the announcement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro