Lazovic: A2A accepted to build II block of the TE; changes can still happen though

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A2A accepted the plan to build the second block of the Thermal power plant in Pljevlja along with the Montenegrin side, said vice president of the government Vujica Lazovic, but leaves room that additional changes could still happen.

Lazovic emphasized that negotiations with italians are coming to an end.

“Only some legal technicalities remain to be defined. These are mostly legal formulations and definitions which are very important because when you’re signing a contract for something like this, you have to take care of all the aspects”, explained Lazovic and said that the governemnt reached an agreement with italians regarding the big issues, it was reported by Antena M.

Lazovic expects that legal teams will resolve this in next couple of days.

“And after this we’re going towards the government and the parliament”, he said.

He also answered whether he is an optimist that A2A will build the second block with the government.

“The condition that we demanded was accepted by them. We’ll see today. You cannot know what might happen in life and even more so in business”, concluded Lazovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro