Lazovic: Chinese company will complete the highway on time

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The Chinese company China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) will end the construction of the highway within the deadline. Access roads and accommodation facilities for workers have been built and construction permits for the Moracica bridge and the Vjeternik tunnel have been issued so far, said deputy prime minister Vujica Lazovic.

“Several days ago, I visited almost all the sites, starting with worker camps and ending with the access roads. Those are demanding works and permits had to be issued for each of the facilities. You know that it takes five or six months to issue a construction permit for building a house in Podgorica”, Lazovic told Radio Montenegro, Mina Business news agency carried.

He is convinced that CRBC will complete the work on time, ie in four years, by 11 May 2019.

“If you look at what the company has done so far and how many thousands of kilometres of highways it has constructed, then it is ridiculous to ask whether it will complete a 40km long section in Montenegro. But representatives of CRBC said a few days ago that that works would be completed within the deadline”, said Lazovic.

The construction of the highway section Smokovac-Uvac-Matesevo ​​began exactly a year ago.

Lazovic said that all conditions for intensive work had finally been provided.

Within the almost 42km long section, 45 bridges and viaducts and 32 tunnels will be constructed.

Speaking on another development project, the construction of the second block of the Thermal Power Plant (TE) Pljevlja, Lazovic said the negotiations related to the project were difficult and that all the details should be arranged.

“I expect that we will reach an agreement on specific formulations in this contract soon. What is important is that both sides in the partnership are seeking to protect their own interests”, said Lazovic.

He called in mind that the agreement on the TE second block was reached with the Italian company A2A.

“We agreed that they will not the TE second block project any more”, said Lazovic.

He stated that it had been demonstrated in the best way at the last EPCG shareholders’ meeting when it was decided that the Electric Power Company of Montenegro should issue guarantees for the loan for financing the project which would be taken out from the Czech Export Bank.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro