Lazović: Contract for the construction of TE second block to be prepared in the next two, three weeks

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The contract on construction of second block of Thermal Power Plant TE in Pljevlja will be agreed upon during the next two or three weeks, said Vujića Lazović, Vice President of the Government for Pink M. The contract signatories are the Government of Montenegro and Czech company Škoda Praha.

Negotiation teams will try to agree on a lower price than the offered 338 million EUR, he added. Discussions of financing conditions are being lead at the same time.

“The Government has already made a decision not to issue guarantees for this project. EPCG will issue a corporate guarantee on the level that enables the implementation of the project. Partners A2A have also agreed on the implementation and we are certain that the results of feasibility study that is now in the making will further strengthen our belief in the importance of this project”, Lazović said.

Vice President of the Government announced that the interstate agreement between Montenegro and Czech Republic will be signed soon.

“We are at the final stage of a dialogue with Czech Government about the contents of interstate agreement that will be created as a framework for undisturbed implementation of the project and related contracts”, Lazović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro