Lazović: Publishing details of A2A contract is a precedent

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The question of construction of block II of TE Pljevlja is not a matter of relations between leadership and opposition, but of security and stability. Publishing details of the contract with A2A is a precedent, said Vice Prime Minister Vujica Lazović to Pink M.

As he explained, in order to have good communication within the Government of electoral trust, they accepted to hear the suggestions of opposition three that should be finalized by Monday. But, he said, they already have the majority for this contract.

„We have already negotiated fantastical positions for state interests, and that is the option to buy A2A shares for 250 million EUR over 7 years. They have bought these shares 7 years ago for 434 million EUR, and instead of hearing “Good job, you protected state interests well”, they now want to take another step“, Lazović said.

Italians already have requests for further understanding that is beyond normal market business and promotion of Montenegro as an investment destination.

„Italian side gave us understanding in publishing details of contract. One part of the media received the contract from strange sources that was marked confidential. Nothing was hidden, and that is a precedent“, Lazović said.

He commented on opposition’s opinion that the electricity will be four times more expensive by 2040, saying that they are working against construction of TE and Pljevlja’s development.

„These are the results of energy lobbies that want Montenegro in a dependent position. These are the results of politic approaches that swear upon patriotism while obstructing development of the North”, Lazović concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro