Lazovic: Signing of the Agreement in the ‘following days’

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Agreement on creation of conditions for free and fair elections will be signed in the next few days, said Social Democrat Vice President of Montenegro, Vujica Lazović, evaluating that the government and part of the opposition are ready to show that Montenegro is a democratic society.

When asked about his expectations regarding the signing of the Agreement, he said he expects the final agreement will be here soon, and that the public is eagerly awaiting the answer to this question.

“I think we are close to signing, so in a couple of days”, Lazovic told reporters.

Lazović believes it is best that signing of the Agreement happens as soon as possible in order to “relieve the atmosphere created around this issue”.

“I am optimistic, I reckon it would come to this agreement, because it seems to me that when it comes to the government and part of the opposition, there is willingness to take action in this way, to shows that Montenegro is a democratic society, and that we can do this in a full democratic and modern way”, said Lazovic, reports MINA.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro