Leader of HDZ: Relations between Montenegro and Croatia the best they can be

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Croatia and Montenegro have excellent cooperation, said president of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee and leader of HDZ Andrej Plenković.

After HDZ won on parliamentary elections in Croatia, Plenković, most likely to be the next prime minister, started negotiations with Most on structuring the new government. He said that Montenegro’s pace on EU road is very good and our position within EU is all but certain.

Plenković lead the session of Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday in Strasbourg for the last time. He said that Montenegro’s success is also Croatia’s success.

“I am happy to see Montenegro succeed, we will be here for you during progress to EU. Đukanović and his advisor Roćen are my great friends and our cooperation will be excellent. Ratification of Accession Protocol is going well and that is significant for the whole region. In EU integrations, a lot has been done. Montenegro’s position is stable. Croatia’s experience is continually shared with negotiators. We will continue to cooperate in the region and I expect good relations and resolutions of issues remaining from the 90’s”, leader of HDZ said.

Commenting on the situation in the region, Plenković said Croatia will not put breaks in integration, nor has it ever done that.

“Croatia is principled. We had a long way to EU, and we managed to earn every requirement. We were principled in the region and internationally. We must keep stability and Croatia is more stable if other countries in the region are as well. It is our interest that they become members of EU and NATO”, he said.

Commenting on the issue with demarcation with Montenegro in Kosovo’s Parliament, he said that Montenegro has already demonstrated its capacity for solving bilateral issues.

“International law defines borders. In our issue with Slovenia, we said that the matter has nothing to with European legislation. That is not a replacement for international law. Bilateral relations need to be carefully built, which Montenegro is already doing. You must be ready for compromises and dialogue. The best thing is to do it with a foundation of international legislation”, Plenković said.

When asked when could Montenegro finish negotiation process, he said that its position in EU is all but certain.

“Negotiation pace is very good and this new type of negotiations that opens 23. And 24. Chapters is very productive, because it strengthens the institutions, the legislative system, human rights, everything pertaining to freedom and safety. When it comes to joining, I would not speculate on the exact date. You can see the political and economic situation in EU, what with Brexit and regaining trust. I believe, tactically, Brexit was the biggest mistake of Cameron, and strategically, it weakened EU. Now we are looking for the leaders that will strengthen the EU idea nationally. I will be this voice from Croatia. Montenegro should carry on its road regardless of current moods in EU. It should focus on its task and the membership will surely come”, Plenković concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro