Leadership in Montenegro wanted by 17 political subjects, same as in 1998

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Parliamentary elections on October 16th will have 17 lists. DIK confirmed each of them today, and tomorrow the layout of the election ticket will be known. Find out who is taking part in this article.

Following the discussion in CDT Viber chat, we found information that since elections in 1998, there were no as much as 17 political subjects on the tickets.

Another similarity between these elections is that many claim they are historical. The battle was waged in 1998 between DPS and SNP that separated from them lead by Momir Bulatović. Leadership was won by a coalition lead by Milo Đukanović.

More than 17 parties on the list we also saw in 1992 and 1992.

Here is an overview of election lists since the multi-party system started.

1990 – 10 lists

1992 – 19 lists

1996 – 20 lists

1998 – 17 lists

2001 – 16 lists

2002 – 10 lists

2006 – 12 lists

2009 – 16 lists

2012 – 13 lists

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro