Leave to Government the responsibility for projects

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic called on Parliament to abandon the practice of stopping or delaying government development projects. He suggested that by amending the law the Government should be enabled to decide and bare responsibility for the implementation of key investments.

Speaker of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic suggested that an analysis of the effects of all the projects proposed by the Government and supported by MPs should be made. This is the way, Krivokapic said, to move from labeling to the facts.

He proposed an analysis of parliamentary conclusions regarding KAP, when parliament endorsed the Government’s proposal.

200 million investment in tourism this year

SNP’s Aleksandar Damjanovic asked the Prime Minister what the Government is working to eliminate the delay in the implementation of large investment projects.

“I think you are the most responsible and the problem is in you. If it is not in you, then it is in those who are hiding behind you,” said Damjanovic to Djukanovic.

The Prime Minister said that in the recent period, despite the global crisis, we increased growth rates and investment. He said that we are closer to EU then all the Western Balkan countries if the level of investment is considered. Djukanovic said that all parties were declaratively for increasing the investments, but, he added, reality was that some well-prepared projects were stopped and slowed down. Consequence of this, he said, was lower rate of growth.

“The reasons for such relations are, in my opinion, politicall and are driven by a desire to thwart the effectiveness of the Government as the holder of these development projects,” Djukanovic said.

The Prime Minister said that despite some tries to curb investment, Montenegro is still growing investment destination. “According to information we received from key investors in Montenegro, this year we expect their investment of 200 million, only in the tourism sector,” concluded the Prime Minister.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro