Left the Prime Minister hour because of Krivokapic



Positive Montenegro left the session at which Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic answered questions from MPs within the prime minister hour.

Positive Montenegro MP Azra Jasavic said that her party would not attend the session in protest to what she said was a “legal violence” that was demonstrated by the President of Montenegrin Parliament Ranko Krivokapic.

She called ‘’burlesque’’ the events in the Parliament.

“Positive Montenegro will not attend today’s session in a protest against your legal violence that you carry out in this Parliament, abusing the function you have to protect personal interests and those of some so-called media, who call themselves the media, with which you are in a public alliance, and in fact they represent political newsletters of significant number of political parties. It is a cancer, or, excuse me, concern Vijesti”, said Jasavic.

In her address to the Prime Minister Djukanovic she said that he will answer today the question of three MPs, stating that one of them belongs to the “illegitimate club”.

“Which is, due to the fact that Krivokapic misused the function, is in a position today to ask you a question. So, you are responding to a question of an illegitimate club, formed against the Rules of Procedure”, stated Jasavic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro