Legendary Manu Chao at the 6th Lake Fest

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Lake Fest will this year definitely become a stellar rock festival – it will be blessed by the inimitable Manu Chao La Ventura.

Manu Chao or José-Manuel Thomas Arthur Chao has had a very rich musical career. His beginnings were marked by the impact of British punk and rock scene, especially bands like The Clash, The Jam and Dr. Feelgood. His first band, Hot Pants, was founded in 1980, and the legendary Mano Negra was formed in 1987. The band became popular worldwide, especially in South America and Europe.

After the dissolution of the band in 1995, Manu continued solo career and successes. He performs his songs in French, Spanish, English and Italian, and often combines several languages ​​in one song.

This year’s Lake Fest will last four days, from 11 to 14 August.

“The first night of the festival will be dedicated to the celebration of the tenth anniversary of restoration of independence of Montenegro, and the entrance will be free for all visitors, who will be entertained by Bajaga, Rambo Amadeus and many others”, said Pedja Zecevic, Director of the festival.

Ticket prices will remain the same as last year: one-day ticket will cost 10 euros, while the price of package festival tickets will be 25 euros.

As in previous years, a camp will be organized, complete with a small stage.

General sponsors of the LAKE FEST are EPCG, Brewery “Trebjesa” Niksic, Municipality of Niksic and the National Tourism Organization.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro