Legislative committee on NATO on Thursday

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Legislative Committee postponed for Thursday consideration of the Draft Law on the Ratification of the North Atlantic Treaty, which provide the conditions for the entry of Montenegro in NATO.

The session was postponed because the applicant did not come because of previous commitments, as they said.

The Parliament will make a decision about it on April 28 at a session in Cetinje.

The Government reminds that the Euro-Atlantic integration and membership in NATO are one of the strategic foreign policy priorities since the restoration of independence of Montenegro.

“Learning from the experience of loss of independence after World War I, Montenegro needs in the current geopolitical circumstances to rationally look at all the options and decide which will be the most convenient and economically equitable manner to protect its national and security interests,” it was stated from the Government.

It was evaluated that this is especially important, considering the regional, but also the broader political, economic and security context.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro