“Lekic and Becic potential partners”

Civic Movement United Reform Actions (URA) as potential partners see Demos and future party of Alleksa Becic, said Deputy of URA Bozena Jelusic, adding that they have not talked about “attracting” the Social Democratic Party (SDP).

In the show ’’Plain Truth”, as quoted by Antena M, Jelusic said the URA is aimed at all citizens, and those who make it agree that the goal is changeability of government.

Asked whether the URA is unequivocally for Montenegro in NATO and whether that decision should be made in the Assembly or a referendum, she said that NATO is seen as a natural framework to develop the potentials of Montenegro.

“The movement believes that there are far more serious and more numerous reasons in favor of the fact that Montenegro joins NATO, which does not mean that the URA is not ready to open debate on the referendum. Joining NATO is something we see as a natural framework in which Montenegro can best develop its overall potential, ” she said.

Asked whom URA sees as potential partners, Jelusic said that those are primarily parties of Miodrag Lekic and Aleksa Becic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro