Lekić and Rakčević with BS: No obstacles to forming a government with the opposition

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Presidents of Demos and URA Miodrag Lekić and Žarko Rakčević talked today about forming new government with members of Steering Committee of Bosniak Party BS Orhan Šahmanović, Adnan Muhović, Mirza Medunjanin and Ervin Duraković. As it was stated in these parties, their joint attitude is that there are no obstacles to forming a government that would be a product of negotiations between BS and other minority parties and opposition.

During a long meeting in Podgorica it was said that Montenegro needs responsible, transparent and controlled government that will know how to prevent economic downfall and criminalization of Montenegro and prepare first free elections that would reflect true will of Montenegrin citizens.

Šahmanović, Mayor of Plav, and Muhović, president of Petnjica local parliament said that they would ask president of BS Rafet Husović to hold official meetings with opposition leaders, and that BS consider both opposition and DPS offers.

“Aside from the fact that DPS used abuse, pressure, rigging, fearmongering during elections, they still had 7.500 votes less than total opposition. Victims of such DPS machinations are both opposition and minorities. Regardless of tainted elections, that fact remains that DPS won 36, and opposition 39 mandates”, it was said in these parties.

Representatives of BS said it was natural to consider the offer of opposition that defended minorities from DPS in the 90’s.

Muhović said that DPS does not respect its coalition agreement with BS on the state, and especially not on local levels, with special accent on Petnjica, Bijelo Polje, Podgorica and Bar.

He said that is the reason enough to reconsider the coalition and think about uniting with opposition on honest partnership basis.

Civic opposition will continue talks with BS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro