Lekić: DPS is humiliating minorities and their representatives

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Reacting to Duško Marković’s statement that the negotiations on forming new government would be over in the following two days, leader of Demos Miodrag Lekić said that it needs to be checked whether Marković’s statement corresponds to the truth.

There are two reasons to doubt.

“First of all, DPS continues to produce reality in different versions, even fantastical and contradictory, neglecting the facts that the public needs to know. Second, Marković’s statement directly opposes statements given by leaders of minority parties, who said they are preparing wide platform for negotiation with political subjects. It was personally confirmed to me by one high official in minorities block that their platform needs to be verified before entering negotiations, and that was to happen in the following week”, Lekić said.

According to him, it is not difficult to conclude that announcing DPS majority and prime minister candidate before talking to minorities is yet another of DPS’s ways to humiliate them.

“In the case of state coup, DPS inferiorly waited for Serbia for too long in order to get a contradictory version of the events – in the case of minorities in the government, it superiorly announces that everything is under control. We will see what will the reaction of minorities be in the light of this public humiliation and DPS treatment as if they were satellites, automatically sided with DPS”, Lekić said.

He reminds that Ključ, Democrats and SDP sent a letter on October 22th to Rafet Husović, Genci Nimanbegu and Marija Vučinović asking for negotiations that can lead to democratic solution for the situation after the alleged state coup.

“Our proposal offers models of solutions, and a possibility for dominant minority influence in the government. We will respect minorities by not misinforming the public on the state of affairs, and we will not be arrogant. In this case, the responsibility of minority parties is great. Responsibility in the time of deep economic crisis, crime, shaken values – responsibility to all citizens, especially those they represent. I believe they are aware of that”, Lekić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro