Lekic forms “Demos”

Former leader of the Democratic Front (DF) Miodrag Lekic announced the formation of a new political entity, which will be called “Demos”.

He said he had an offer to go to a Western European country, but he decided to continue the engagement in Montenegro.

At the press conference, he said that the new political entity would be called the “Demos”, which, as explained, is the abbreviation of the Democratic Alliance. Lekic said he could not disclose any name that would represent a new political entity “Demos”.

“What will happen in the future, I would not know,” Lekic said.

Commenting on accusations of deputies DF Janko Vucinic that he did a good jobs when he left the DF, and Vojin Vuletic that he escaped from DF, Lekic said that he would leave Vuletic to deal with metaphors, and that his statement was not worth comment.

He wished Vucinic good luck and said he hoped that in the future he would not give false and reckless statements.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro