Lekic: I am not going to deal with Jasavic’s aggressiveness and impoliteness

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President of Demos Miodrag Lekic responded to the statement of the vice president of Positive Montenegro (PCG) Azra Jasavic, who said that Lekic was an “eternal candidate for political Olympus”. Demos’s leader stated that he had no intention to deal with the causes of her “increasingly uncontrolled condition that is getting a dimension of public rudeness and aggressiveness”.

As he said, he would refrain from stating that this was a public manifestation of personal bad manners in good faith that someone will help Jasavic at this moment.

“Neither Positive Montenegro is participating in the current drafting of a possible agreement on the creation of conditions for fair and free elections, nor have the opposition representatives had consultations in this regard. Positive Montenegro quite certainly will not be a part of the opposition team which would, if an agreement is achieved, participate in controlling the electoral process through state institutions. This is, according to the rules of the political system, the only possible outcome. It does not have either punishing or pedagogical character, but it is just a direct and logical consequence of the PCG’s choice to prevent toppling of 40th Milo Djukanovic’s government, by supporting it during the confidence vote. Thus this party has become formal and essential part of the government’s majority in the Parliament”, Lekic said.

According to him, these two public facts are not related to Jasavic’s personal characteristics which he has never commented.

“According to the rules of public decency, I would suggest the aforementioned MP treat the topic of her party’s status without giving personal qualifications, even if they were insignificant and meaningless,” said Lekic.

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