Lekic: If there is no referendum, I will advocate not entering NATO

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Demos leader Miodrag Lekic has announced that, if there is no referendum on Montenegro’s membership in NATO, he will be strongly against the accession to the alliance.

“That would be a deal among international and local hustlers who will try to circumvent the democratic achievements of the Western countries and it would be very doubtful thing”, Lekic said appearing on the Atlas TV show Club A.

However, Lekic did not want to say what would be his position if the referendum was called – whether he would call on citizens to vote for or against.

As he said, he does not want to fall into the trap to announce his position on this point, pointing out that it is the fifteenth item in the Key coalition’s campaign.

He said that the Key’s programme stated that the decision on NATO membership must be taken in a referendum, regardless of the fact that constituents (Demos, URA, and SNP) have different positions on the issue.

He added that the issue of Montenegro’s accession to NATO is not finished, although the government, particularly PM Milo Djukanovic who participated in the UN General Assembly session, wants to present the issue as done deal.

Lekic reiterated that Montenegro could avoid imposing sanctions against Russia since it is not an EU member state, not only for historical but also for economic reasons.

He added that Russia, the EU and the US would re-establish their relations at the end and that Montenegro would remain as collateral damage.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro