Lekic, let us resign

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Demos President of Executive Board Goran Danilovic invited the party leader Miodrag Lekic to resign as President of Demos, saying he would resign after Lekic did.

“In the eve of the rescheduled meeting of the Presidency of Demos in almost incredible composition, and after eight months in a completely different format, which intends to take over the competencies of other party bodies through the Statute, I repeat publicly and the for last time to Mr. Lekic to resign as president, and I will do the same after him right away, “Danilovic said.

That would, as he said, end their joint responsibility for the situation in Demos in a moral way.

“Instead of opposing the will of the Main Board majority and the vast majority of our municipal committees, Mr. Lekic should draw a correct and wise move and stop defending Demos from Demos. I am even ready to accept that none of us take part in the inter-party election process that will end with the election Assembly scheduled by the demands of most members of the GO and planned for August 27. I will still remain a member of Demos, in that case too, and give the full support to the new leadership of the Party that would be chosen in the party procedure, “said Danilovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro