Lekic: Ready for running the country

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Immature political elite have neglected the society in many areas and ‘’The Key’’ Coallition is ready to take responsibility for running the country, the leaders of the alliance said.

The electoral list leader of the coalition Miodrag Lekic said that they have managed to put together a joint program that combines their strengths.

“We will be ready when Montenegro starts the restoration of democracy to help in this process. Unfit political elite neglected the society in many areas. We are ready to take responsibility for running the country,” Lekic told at a news conference.

He noted that ‘’the Key’’ wants to present itself as a democratic alternative at a crucial moment for the country.

“Promotion starts in Bijelo Polje where we will not choke the citizens with propaganda smog, as the rulling party does, but we will consider with citizens how to change the political situation,” said Lekic.

SNP leader Srdjan Milic said that reconciliation is best for Montenegro.

“The program of our coalition is made to represent the will of the majority of citizens who want normal country in which one would live from work and which would not be devided on the north and the south, those for and against the government, but only the good and bad people,” said Milic.

According to him, the country needs changes and they are coming with ‘’The Key’’ coalition.

Leader of the URA Zarko Rakcevic said that through the campaign ‘’The Key’’ would deal with a positive story and what is best for Montenegro.

“DPS say that they are the only fans of Montenegro in order to preserve the positions and alienate citizens. If the State is threatened from someone those are the friends of authorities who are closing the factories,” said Rakcevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro