Lekić: Veliu’s visit indicative

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Fatmir Veliu, spokesman for the idea of taking away Montenegrin territory has been touring Montenegro, and this incident is indicative, said Miodrag Lekić, leader of Demos.

Veliu, president of the Movement for United Albania, had a book promotion in Tuzi on Saturday.

Lekić stated to MINA Agency said that the distance Albanian politicians in Montenegro took to Veliu speaks of his irrelevance, but he should not be underestimated.

„Montenegro is without unity, without cohesive values, breaking socially and nationally”, Lekić said.

According to him, divides in Montenegrin society are an introduction to parallel worlds on a small territory.

Still, Lekić believes, the main generator of this situation, irresponsible behaviour towards internal divides that leave space open for foreign pretensions, is the immature leadership.

„The leadership is trying to use these divides to win political points, damaging unity and future of the country. They want to create a coalition that furthers uncontrolled leadership, without real interest for the real life of the minorities”, Demos leader said.

„Leading the country like this creates a situation of ethnic divides, which invites ideas such as Big Albania, big Serbia, Turkey or Croatia”, he said.

He said that Đukanović’s leadership will leave the country an economic wasteland, full of criminal, divided, ideal for adventurers such as the guest from Albania.

“Clearly, the leadership was not bothered by his statements”, Lekić said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro