Let’s hear the Russians on NATO

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The head of the parliamentary group of the SNP, Aleksandar Damjanovic, said that the party has not yet decided whether they would participate in election on their own or in coalition. He considers it should be decided through dialogue and agreement with the rest of the opposition.

Damjanovic stated that , so far, there has been no initiative in making coalition in the elections. He pointed out that the SNP should show responsibility and that, through dialogue with colleagues from the opposition that are interested in it, define the best model of participation in elections that will lead to political changes in October.

The head of the parliamentary group of the SNP believes that conditions for fair and democratic elections should be assesed very seriously, adding that boycott, and even the postponement of the elections, should not be excluded as a measure of defense of the constitutional principle of the freely expressed will of the citizens.

Commenting on the argue of opposition representatives in the government with authority, Damjanovic said that the Parliament makes decision on Draft Decision on the contract with A2A.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro