Let’s help, regardless of religion

The Islamic Community in Montenegro appealed to the citizens’ solidarity with refugees from the Middle East, calling them to help, regardless of religion, according to their financial possibilities.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Community in Montenegro, Fuad Cekic, said that increasing number of people from Syria and neighboring countries is leaving the region because of the situation in the Middle East.

“Leaving their homes in order to save themselves and their families. On the run for a safe life, most of them go through impossible life conditions without the most necessary things, food and water. A large number of children lost their parents, and through the media, we learn that most such children die on the way to a better life, ” said Cekic.

He stressed that the problem of refugees from Syria represents one of the biggest tests of morality and democratic values of modern world. He said that IS was appalled by the decision of certain governments that “selectively approach to solving this problem on the basis of religion or some other criteria.”

“The universal value of mankind heritage is that every life has equal value. All people are brothers because they originate from one man and one woman, by the will of God they are divided into different nations and religions in order to meet and help each other. Therefore, Islamic Community appeals to solidarity and help in accordance with financial capacities, regardless of their religion, because it is our duty. On the occasion, we inform that next Friday in all mosques will be organized Sajjad for refugees from Syria and neighboring countries, while the contributions can be paid during the whole week at the offices of the majlis, ” informed Cekic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro