Lex specialis ready today

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Lex specialis on opposition’s enetery into the government and other state bodies will be completed today, while the session to choose the government of electoral confidence and discuss the impeachment of the President of the Assembly, Ranko Krivokapic would most likely be held by the end of the week, said the political director of DPS, Tarzan Milosevic.

“I expect the government and the opposition to agree the date of the Assembly session tomorrow ,” Milosevic said earlier.

He said that DPS does not have any dilemma.

“We expect that by the end of the week the lex specialis would be adopted in the Assembly, the government of electoral confidence formed and vote on the dismissal of the President of the Parliament done,” said Milosevic.

According to him, the DPS does not want to interfere in the personnel policy of the opposition.

“We want people who will carry out these important functions to be competent and to adequately respond to extremely demanding positions,” said Milosevic.

He said that the DPS has done everything that was up to them.

“For possible failure of the Agreement and rejection of lex specialis we do not bear any responsibility,” said Milosevic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro